Detroit Brooks, famed session and touring guitarist of the New Orleans music
scene, has the most recognizable face in the city. An evening of his
musical prowess, music critics, affection ados, or novices are testiment of his
smooth yet infectious stroke based in solid fundamentals. Often admired by
guitarists world-wide, Brooks’ laid-back demeanor masks one of the most
heralded and sought-after performer, songwriter, and session men of our time. 

Like most well-known singer/songwriters, his roots reach deep into the inner fabric
of the famed “Bible Belt Superstars.” He began his career at an early age, touring
with his famous family which includes his world-famous sister Juanita Brooks, of
“Juanita’s Gospel Express,” as well as his acclaimed father, George A. Brooks,
Sr., of the famous “Masonic Kings.” Like many accomplished guitarists, Detroit
mastered his craft on the road where the performances were “long, free and
continuous.” His skill, technique and experience brought him quick recognition
and the opportunity to play with gospel greats like Clarence Fountain & the Five
Blind Boys, Dorothy Norwood, Reverend Ernest Franklin, Albertina Walker,
Raymond Myles and The Rams and the famed Zion Harmonizers.

Detroit Brooks has continued to compliment his development as a musician through
intense study with guitar Masters, Roy Montell and Gary Haulette, as well as ongoing
training and studies in Improvisation and Theory with Hank Mackie and Composition
and Piano with Roger Dickerson. A virtual chameleon of various musical styles from
Traditional Banjo to Improvisational Jazz, through Rhythm and Blues and Funk,
Detroit Brooks is an unforgettable talent. A New Orleans music scene regular, Brooks’
dedication to mastery, or as we call it, “The Game,” has created the most requested
Guitarist in a city whose every breath has a musical overtone.

Currently, Detroit Brooks has relinquished his well-traveled performance schedule
to concentrate on his skyrocketing music-writing career. He only accepts strategic
performances throughout the city and the world, and concentrates on his primary
interests. In his own words: “My main interests are writing and composing. It began
when I wrote a song for the American Song Festival entitled Baby Let’s Make It
Happen. Later, I wrote other songs that increased my interest in writing for a group
called In Flight. Following In Flight, I started writing regularly with my sister,
Juanita, and brother, Mark Brooks. As we toured both statewide and internationally,
I began to realize that my entire focus had turned to writing and marketing music. I
still love performing live – it is my life and passion, but my heart is fulfilled in the
expressions of writing and creating music.”